"Bridget is an amazing Physiotherapist. Her knowledge, skills and magic hands are something else. I owe her so much as she has literally saved me from serious pain after a kite injury twice. On one occasion I was in pain for weeks in my knee causing me to limp as no one could really figure where the pain originated from. She diagnosed the trigger of my knee pain in the first session and treated it. The next day the pain disappeared and I was able to kite. She explained the problem and advised me on further preventative exercises which have truly helped. Another injury she diagnosed was on Skype when I was in Brazil. I had irritated a nerve in my neck from pulling the bar too hard and jolting my neck. Everyone else thought it was muscle pain and prescribed medications for weeks but it was not getting better. I  highly recommend her as she is truly my angel."

Natasha Athanasiadou



"From experiencing back pain and a rib fracture, Bridget has helped me on several occasions manage and rehab my injuries back into full sports and kitesurfing. She has been spot on with her diagnosis and treated me accordingly, progressing my rehab and advising me on the best course of management. Truly recommend her without a doubt, my first point of call for any injury."