Meet the Physiotherapist



KitePhysio was launched in 2018 as a site to offer advice to Kitesurfers to help unleash their true kiting potential. Inspired by  increasing numbers of kitesurfers reporting injuries, in addition to an increasing number of knee braces gracing the waters, this fast growing watersport lacked information for kiters. With limited resources and research for kitesurfers to access, this site aims to bridge this gap by offering information on developing performance, minimising injury risk and accelerating the rehabilitation/return to sport process.


Bridget Burleigh

Bridget is an experienced and qualified Physiotherapist with an International reputation in rehabilitation and recovery. Over the last 20 years Bridget has worked as a physiotherapist in numerous sports at an International level (Hockey, Judo, Rugby, Netball, Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Fencing, Athletics) including working at the 2012 Olympics. Bridget is passionate about her role in sport where she works with individuals to transition them from injury  back to the road of recovery. Bridget is an evidence based practitioner who has also worked as a University lecturer focusing on sport rehabilitation. 

More about Bridget …

Bridget’s career started working in the busy London Hospitals where she rotated through a variety of hospital settings, dealing with a broad portfolio of patients. She quickly developed a passion for working with individuals with sport injuries. Over the last 20 years Bridget has gained experience across a range of sports, organisations and professional teams. She has transferred her specialist knowledge and is able to adapt her expertise to work effectively with all individuals - from grassroots to elite, in preventative, treatment and rehabilitation stages. Bridget is passionate about injury prevention and has an ongoing interest in enhancing performance.  

Bridget is an avid and passionate kitesurfer herself. Witnessing the challenges that face the sport, Bridget has utilised her knowledge and expertise from the physio and sport science world to enhance and develop a sport she has become fanatical about. With this in mind, she has created the first kitesurfing profile / screening programme for all to try. Since then she has travelled to many kitesurfing locations around the world analysing training regimes both on/off water, warm ups and profiling kiter’s at camps to help unleash their true potential and prevent injuries.


A few words from Bridget…..

My plan of this site is to help kiters develop concepts on how to stay fit, sharing my views on preparation and land training programmes. I aim to share my experiences so we can all develop and continue to push the limits within this amazing sport!